Dr Stump provides bamboo removal services.

Bamboo is a versatile plant and is extremely fast growing, so is often used for privacy and partition screening. As well as being ornamental, it is also cultivated for food for animals including, of course, pandas, but also for humans and is praised for its health benefits. It is also extremely strong so is grown to make furniture and even building materials.

However Bamboo has a darker side. Because of its quick establishment time and fast growth rate, it can quickly become a nuisance. It can grow prolifically and become invasive and untidy and even attract vermin. It is extremely strong, which is why it is used for furniture and construction and has even reportedly been used as a weapon of torture. Its own strength, matched with fast growth and durability, make it very difficult to eradicate.


Some people have tried domestic remedies to remove bamboo, such as poisons and hand digging and have found that its compact growth makes the removal near to impossible. We have the specialist grinding machinery to remove the bamboo, including complete removal of the root system and even offer a free recall service to remove any future growth. Our grinders are able to concentrate on the affected areas, so there is minimal ground disturbance and we leave the area in a neat and tidy condition. We also provide a site survey and recommend the most suitable post-treatment of the area. Treatment is localised to the affected area and is eco-sensitive, protecting the local eco-system, including springs and waterways.

Professional Certification

Dr Stump provides full insurance for all stump grinding and associated works, including public liability and employer’s liability insurance and hired-in plant insurance.

We are fully qualified to operate the appropriate equipment and handle associated treatments. We are also certified to protect the natural environment and to safeguard from potential dangers and hazards including those to the public, nearby utilities, overhead cables, waterways etc.


Dr Stump is based in Norwich, Norfolk and we provide our services throughout East Anglia. We will also provide services for comprehensive projects further afield. We work in many residential and commercial areas, including:


For private residences

  • Homes
  • Gardens
  • Courtyards


For businesses

  • Development sites
  • Car Parks
  • Golf courses
  • Highways
  • Schools


For public land

  • Farmland
  • Marshland
  • Parkland
  • Woodlands