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based in Norwich, Norfolk.



Dr Stump offers a professional tree stump removal service.

Our team have over 40 years of combined experience and are able to work in hard to reach areas, confined spaces and on difficult terrain, including marshland.

Dr Stump’s team of specialists also provide tree care services. We can also complete remedial works such as turfing and replanting.

Tree stumps are removed using stump grinders which grind the stump into chippings, effectively destroying the tree stump. We use the latest equipment to remove stumps and surface roots with the minimal amount of ground disturbance.

We take the height of the stump to the depth below surface which is required. We always remove the whole of the root ball to prevent regrowth. Where appropriate, we use protective boarding and other equipment to protect and prevent scattered chippings, leaving the area clean and clear.


We are certified to protect the natural environment and we use ecologically friendly fuels and lubricants including ASPEN fuels.


The chippings are mixed with the soil and this 'mulch' is cleaned up and removed from your property, together with other resulting debris.


Dr Stump machinery is maintained to the highest safety and operational standards and is serviced daily.


When tree stumps and dead wood are left, they can attract fungal infestations such as Honey Fungus which is often referred to as ‘the gardener’s nightmare’ for its destructive nature on neighbouring trees and shrubs.


We grind the tree stumps and surface roots so the area is left ready for replanting or further redevelopment.


We can remove the smallest to the largest of stumps and our prices are dependent on the location, size and number of stumps to be removed.


Stump grinders remove tree stumps from the ground by literally grinding the stump into chippings. This method is the most effective method of destroying the tree stump leaving the area ready for the next stage of garden design, replanting or building.

We grind the stump to chippings that are mixed up with the soil in which the stump was standing. This 'mulch' is cleaned up and removed from your property or if required can be left for the customer to utilise.

Our prices are based upon the size and number of stumps to be removed.

No you don't have to be at home on the day the works are being carried out providing we can get access to the stump, An invoice can be left on the day or sent by email or post later on.

Yes, we do all kinds of tree removal and landscaping works we have a full team covering all aspects of garden maintenance.

Usually we destroy it completely and it will not regrow. There are the odd occasions that it may send up the odd shoot from a piece of root but these can easily be managed.

Honey Fungus (Armillaria mellea) is often referred to as the gardeners nightmare. More about Honey Fungus here .

If this is the case then Dr Stump have the answer. The versatile machinery used is ideal for getting right up to a wall, path or other object that you do not want to have damaged. we can usually take out all signs of a stump to within millimetres of any structure without causing damage.

Mr stump pride ourselves in providing a service that leaves the area in a clean condition. This includes removing all chippings that the stump grinder produces. there will be the odd bit of wood chip left but overall a clean clear area. we use tarpaulins and barriers other shields to prevent the chippings going where they are not wanted.


If the area is difficult to access, the terrain is inappropriate for heavy machinery or the stump is in a hard-to-reach area, perhaps against a wall, boundary fence or building which needs to be protected, we have the necessary skills. We also have a variety of versatile equipment and are specialists in removals in even the most challenging of situations. We can also remove all signs of a stump to within millimetres of any structure without causing any damage.

Dr Stump’s team of specialists also provide tree care services. We can also complete remedial works such as turfing and replanting.

Our specialist team can grind, dig and treat the infected areas so any infestation is completely removed.

Professional Certification

Dr Stump provides full insurance for all stump grinding and associated works, including public liability and employer’s liability insurance and hired-in plant insurance.

We are fully qualified to operate the appropriate equipment and handle associated treatments. We are also certified to protect the natural environment and to safeguard from potential dangers and hazards including those to the public, nearby utilities, overhead cables, waterways etc.


Dr Stump is based in Norwich, Norfolk and we provide our services throughout East Anglia. We will also provide services for comprehensive projects further afield. We work in many residential and commercial areas, including:


For private residences

  • Homes
  • Gardens
  • Courtyards


For businesses

  • Development sites
  • Car Parks
  • Golf courses
  • Highways
  • Schools


For public land

  • Farmland
  • Marshland
  • Parkland
  • Woodlands

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